Cecilia Sanchez Moreno (1914-2006)

When the last plate was sold or until the last of the food items were served, all the ladies would remain to clean up and pack up. More fund raising efforts for the church included selling raffle tickets for the Fall Festival. The once a month plant sale provided by donations of potted plants was another project that added money to benefit the church maintenance and upkeep. On another Sunday, a Baked goods sale would take place. Overseeing the table set ups, volunteer assignments sheets, arranging the plants by prices, collecting the money for each sale, tallying up the final total, tearing down and putting away the tables was a time consuming job; but she enjoyed working with her fellow neighbors. She considered contributing her time during these events as very well spent. Her direct involvement with the St. Agnes’ elementary school program began in September, 1951, when I was enrolled in first grade. At this time on the Westside most of the Catholic churches had parish private parochial schools taught by Nuns from numerous Texas Orders/Convents. I went there from 1951, and graduated from the eighth grade in May of 1959.

Tuition varied within each parish. Monthly tuition for one student was $10.00/monthly. There was probably a discounted family rate for more than one student attending per family. This would encourage a family to send all of their children to parochial schools. I really never realized what this monthly fee did to our family’s budget. Back in the 1950’s it was quite a sum for a family to have to pay each month. Most children in our neighborhood went to public school, mainly because it was tuition free. Especially with only the father being the only one working outside the home. My father was the sole breadwinner, yet... my mother was a brilliant “finances” manager.