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to the inaugural website and virtual exhibit of the

~ at the corner of history and social justice ~

a project of the  Esperanza Peace and Justice Center
The Museo del Westside is dedicated to preserving and presenting the unique history, heritage, culture, pride, work ethic, and diverse experiences of la gente del Westside.  We hope to increase understanding and appreciation of the neighborhood and its people in order to create a more vibrant future for our community.
The Museo is currently in development at the historic Ruben's Ice House, located at the Rinconcito de Esperanza at 816 S Colorado Street, in the heart of San Antonio's Westside. As a community participatory museum, we invite the community to join in developing the museum’s exhibits and programs.
To mark the centennial of the 19th Amendment, the Museo del Westside presents a new virtual exhibit that pays tribute to our amigas, hermanas, madres, y abuelas who have have acted out of love for our barrios, vecinos, y patrias – who have shown commitment to preserving human dignity through canciones, protests, petitions, church groups, escritos, and in political office. 

This virtual exhibit will continue to grow as we collect more stories to share, and we welcome you to contact us with your contributions.

Who else's story should
be featured here?
Could it be your abuela,
your mom, your tía, your sister, or even you?

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to this exhibit.

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